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About Major

The public Relation and advertising Major Is focusing on the Persuasive side of the Media content, starting by stimulating the audience's interest by the different appeals and ending up by persuading them effectively, in addition to designing the different public relations and advertising campaigns in addition to providing him with persuasion, negotiation, and personal communication skills to enhance his ability to arouse the public's interest in the various types of communication and media content he presents.

Program Objectives

Students are introduced to the three majors through their 1st and 2nd year through the introductory courses of each major and throughout internal practical training given on each Media branch to help them choose concisely their majors, the theoretical and practical contents enhance their talents and skills and direct them to the Path of their dreams.

What will I Learn?

Each year students register in 6 courses including 4 mandatory and 2 electives in each Major sheets are attached.

Career Path

copywriters, brand managers, PR Specialists, Marketing Specialists, market analysts, issue management, corporate communication specialists relations, Media Relations officers, social media specialists


The institute is committed to providing a distinguished academic
an environment that enables the student to gain knowledge, skills, and ethics of the profession and to strengthen partnerships with Canadian universities to develop the academic environment, which will be reflected on the professional aspect of the graduate and qualify him for the local, regional and international labor market and support scientific research for community service and development purposes.

Major of Public Relations & Advertising

Study Plan

The academic qualification that you will obtain as a graduate from the Department of Public Relations and Advertising – CIC Media will carry out research in a scientific way and produce, edit and publish public relations materials in the local and global markets, and will qualify you to work in various institutions and advertising agencies in addition to the communicative job in various fields .so that each student can specialize in any field of his choice.

(GEN101) Arabic language level 1
(GEN 102) English language Level 1
(GEN103) Introduction to internet uses
(GEN104) Contemporary political issues
(GEN105) Reasoning and critical thinking
(COM110) Introduction to Communication
(COM111) Introduction to journalism
(COM112) Introduction to Radio and television
(COM113) Introduction To Public Relation and Advertising
(COM114) Introduction to New Media
(COM201) Arabic language level 2 GEN101
(COM202) English Language Level 2 GEN102
(COM203) Media And soceity
(COM204) Media law and ethics
(COM205) Public Opinion
(COM206) Theories of Communication COM110
(COM213) Media Translation
(COM214) Masscommunication Topics In English
(COM207) Introduction to Research Methods

(MCE1) English CE1
(MCE2) English CE2 MCE1
(GEN106) Economic Concepts
(GEN107) Modern History
(GEN108) Moral Reasoning
(GEN109) Effective Presentation Skills

(COM208) Principles of statistics
(COM209) Communication Psychology
(COM110) Human rights
(COM211) Media literacy

(PRAD303) Graphics
(PRAD304) Persuasion strategies and negotiation
(PRAD305) Organizational Communication
(PRAD306) Social Marketing and social responsibility programs
(PRAD307) Integrated marketing communication campaigns
(PRAD308) Public relations techniques
(PRAD309) Creative design of printed advertising
(PRAD310) Public relation and advertising Management COM113
(PRAD311) Quantitative Marketing research COM207
(PRAD312) Crisis Management
(PRAD313) Training
(PRAD401) Radio & TV Advertising Production (practical)
(PRAD402) Electronic Public relations
(PRAD403) Writing and producing PR Materials COM114
(PRAD404) Public Relation and social change
(PRAD405) Quantitative Methods COM207
(PRAD406) Electronic and direct Marketing
(PRAD411) Graduation Project

(PRAD314) International Advertising
(PRAD315) Planning in Public relations
(PRAD316) Public relation and reputation Management
(PRAD407) Uses of computers in statistics and media studies
(PRAD408) Protocol
(PRAD410) International Public Relation

Our Staff

Dr. Mokhtar Abo El-Kheir

Associate Professor at Mass Com School.

Assoc. Prof. Manal Wagdy

Associate Professor at Mass Com School.

Assoc. Prof. Marwa Shemies

Associate Professor at Mass Com School.

Head of Department Message

Prof. Amal El-Ghazawy
Dean of Mass Comm School , Acting Head of the Public Relations & Advertising Department
The Public Relations and Advertising program seeks to provide our students with all educational, scientific, professional and practical methods that make them ready to graduate and compete in the labor market with the specifications of a distinguished graduate capable of competing in all areas of specialization. 
Where each graduate is qualified to work in all professions related to production and creative advertising, planning and implementing various marketing campaigns, managing public relations campaigns and programs, organizing conferences and special events, through a unique  educational service provided to our students over 4 years of explanation, analysis, discussions, exercises, contact with the labor market and transfer experiences between different professional institutions related by our major.  
We are always waiting for our students every year with greater expectations for more work, diligence, cooperation, support and training to achieve the vision and mission of the program, which seeks to graduate students who are able to compete in the local, regional and international labor market with the best efficiency and the highest skills.

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