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About Major

The Marketing concentration offered by the Business School at CIC provides students with the opportunity to develop skills that enable them to function in different marketing roles while working closely and effectively with other business functions. Students usually choose their area of specialization at the beginning of their third academic year, they get to study market research, digital marketing, advertising, etc. along with training provided by industry professionals every year to the students to prepare them for the job market upon graduation.


Program Objectives

The Bachelor of Business Administration is intended to prepare successful candidates for successful careers in private and public enterprises, co-operatives, government service, or self-employment and for graduate study. The undergraduate programs in Business Administration aim at graduating students able to:
1. Adopt a scientific approach in thinking and problem solving.
2. Utilize the knowledge and the skills acquired in the specialization field to serve the community and the surrounding environment positively.
3. Effectively interact and communicate with others.
4. Effectively interact with the global developments and changes and explore the nature and impact of these developments and changes to field of specialization
5. Develop the professional knowledge and skills in the business field through continuous learning.
6. Comply with legal rules and ethical and professional standards.
7. Conduct feasibility studies and financial evaluation of investment proposals.
8. Operate and use information technology instruments, equipment and applications.

What will I learn?

You’ll study marketing techniques that stress business development through communication, research, marketing strategies, sales techniques, and analysis. Learn how to reach out to potential customers, through market research, understanding your brand and your product, identifying your competitive advantage, and communicating it to the market that will help you reach your targets.

Career Path

For career path, there are multiple positions possible, depending on the capabilities, skills and willingness of the graduate for example, joining different kinds of companies, bankes , etc.
Also an opportunity to join multi national corporation in many positions such as production & opertions , supply chain , marketing , finance , HR and custmer service.
in addition, the gradute can establish his own business as an entrepreneurship.


The Business Administration program is committed to developing the student’s personality and upgrading his skills by providing educational, research and community services that encourage creativity and innovation in line with the requirements of the labor market and provide a distinct climate and advanced programs, in order to achieve competitiveness at the regional and international levels.

Major of Marketing

Study Plan

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Semester 1

(ENGL 172) ENGL 101
(BADM 100) Introduction To Business
(ECON 101) Principles Of Microeconmics
(ACCT 150) Accounting |
(BASC 121) Introduction To Statistics
(ENGL 171) CE2



(ENGL 173) ENGL 102
(COMP 202) Computers In Business
(BASC 120 )Calculus for Business
(ECON 102 )Principles Of Macroeconmics
(ACCT 151 )Accounting ||
(BADM 201 )Organizational Behavior |


Semester 3

(FINC 240) Business Finance |
(BADM 200 )Personal communication skills
(MRKT 160) Introduction To Marketing
(HUMN 231) Media
(BADM 252 )Production and Operations Management
(HUMN 230 )Political Science


Semester 4

(BASC 220) Quantitative Methods
(FINC 241) Business Finance ||
(BADM 204) Human Resources
(BADM 203) Introduction to Public Communication
(BADM 202) Organizational Behavior ||
(MRKT 260) Industrial Marketing


Semester 5

(BADM 301) Business Law |
(FINC 432 )Money and Banking|
(ACCT 354 )Cost Accounting
(BADM 360 )Supply chain
(ECON 301 )International Economy
(MRKT 261 )Marketing Channels
(HUMN 310 )Human Rights


Semester 6

(ACCT 350) Managerial Accounting
(BADM 303) Administrative Problem Solving
(BADM 304) Leadership in Organizations
(MRKT 332) Marketing Management
(BADM 362) Administrative Information System
(HUMN 330 Introduction To Western Civilization
- Promotion Strategy
(BADM 302) Business Law ||


Semester 7

(BADM 401) International Business Management
(BADM 402) Strategic Management
(MRKT 363) International marketing
(HUMN 232) Sociology
- Consumer Behavior
(HUMN 239) Business Information: Access and Use
- Marketing research I

Semester 8


(BADM 400) Management Of Small Business
(BADM 414) Business Competitive Strategy
(BADM 419) Research Method
- Marketing Research II
- Advertising and Sales Promotion
- Marketing for non-for-profit Organizations
- Marketing Strategy


Our Stuff

Assoc. Prof. Tamer Refaat

Vice Dean of Business School

  • PhD in Architecture Engineering, Cairo University, 2010.


  • Master of Science in Architecture Engineering, Cairo University, 2004.


  • B.Sc. of Architectural Engineering, October High Institute for Architectural Engineering and Business Administration, 1999.

Dr. Rania Aly Sokrat

Associate Professor at Business School

  • Ph.D. in Business Administration, Sadat Academy, 2014.
  • Master’s in public administration, Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport, 2009.
  • Sc. Of Commerce, Business Administration, Cairo University, 1991.

Dr. Rania Taher

Assistant Professor at Business School

  • Ph.D. in International Affairs, Helwan University, 2011.
  • Master “Political Science” in International Affairs, Helwan University, 2004.
  • Sc. Of Commerce, Helwan University, 1999.

Head of Department Message

Prof. Tamer Refaat
Vice dean's Business Administration
We are delighted to welcome you to the Canadian International College of Engineering. Engineers have always been at the forefront of technology of global innovation and progress. Our programs give students the chance to combine a strong theoretical foundation with real-world experience. In view of today’s world dynamic difficulties, engineers from a variety of disciplines are urgently and innovatively needed to balance both human needs and natural concerns.

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