Alamein’s Robotoex Championship

Metal Monster “ Fight Cup Winner”

We’re proud to announce that a group of our Engineering Electronics and Communication students ( Sheikh Zayed Campus) has participated in the 4th edition of the “Robotoex Championship” that was organized by the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology in the new city of El Alamein, under the supervision of Prime Minister Dr. Mostafa Madbouly on the 3rd,4th,5th, and 6th of March 2022, where 79 teams and 800 participants from four countries participated in the competition, from Jordan, Egypt, Bolivia, and Algeria. 

The purpose behind the competition is to prepare our students for the future and enable the use of robotics technologies to achieve sustainable development goals, localize this industry, and build a critical mass of young Egyptian engineers in this field.

The idea behind CIC’s Robot 

Our team came up with the idea of a robot designed like a Snake with 2 Blades which you can control with one controller and named it WADJET.

Who is Wadjet?

Wadjet is known to the Greek world as Uto or Buto, it was originally the ancient local goddess of the city of Dep. It became part of the city that the Egyptians named Per-Wadjet (“House of Wadjet”) and the Greeks called Buto (now Desouk), which was an important site in prehistoric Egypt and the cultural developments of the Paleolithic.

Wadjet was said to be the matron and protector of Lower Egypt, and upon unification with Upper Egypt, the joint protector, and patron of all of Egypt. 

The image of Wadjet with the sun disk is called the uraeus, and it was the emblem on the crown of the rulers of Lower Egypt. She was also the protector of kings and of women in childbirth. 

And of course, our team was rocking the Competition, we got ranked 6th place in the competition and Won 1st place for the best geometrical shape.

We wish our team all the best in future competitions, and never forget that you can MAKE IT HAPPEN as well.